Amiar transceiver (IOT: internet of things)

After having worked with mesh networking, we are now getting ready for a world where the concept of IOT (Internet of things) has become a reality. Deitres has decided to develop the first OEM transceiver in Argentina especially designed for this purpose. In the context of AMIar, we decided to start running another independent project: AMIar transceiver.

AMIar OEM transceiver is the result of the support received by Atmel Company, leader in innovation of embedded systems. They transferred technology to Deitres and we successfully develop the product. Responsible and collaborative teamwork has made it possible.

Development includes hardware, firmware and a platform to manage and integrate modules into other devices developed by other companies. The transceiver can be applied to many uses associated to the IOT.


Launch calendar

5/2017 (estimated)

Development time

30 months (estimated)

HH software/firmware

8000 HH (estimated)

HH hardware

7000 HH (estimated)