AMIar is the most important project of Deitres SA, supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Argentina, through Fonarsec program, called: EMPRETECNO. This project is the core of Deitres, involving most of the company.

AMIar is the first SMART GRID developed in Argentina, supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology, especially designed for developing economies.


Launch calendar

7/2018 (estimated)

Development time

48 months (estimated)

HH software/firmware

16000 HH (estimated)

HH hardware

9000 HH (estimated)

The objective of the project is to offer infrastructure for measuring, diagnose and control services. It is a wireless communication network where each device works as smart node, boosting signal from other nodes. Apart from developing hardware, we develop software that has information and management of the whole network. The platform can be used with different services, for example, gas, water, electric power, interconnection systems for oil wells, alarm monitoring centers, electronic security programs in local governments, fire systems, etc. The first application is electrical grids measure, diagnosis and control. The system includes hardware to measure, control and monitor services and a software platform to connect equipment.

AMIar is unique in the market because it is a product which can be used by electric utilities to turn operating expenses into investment, without increasing cost. In a few years, companies can have cutting edge infrastructure to measure and control the network. Companies can increase productivity with new technology without investing extra money, which could be, in fact, currently wasting. This is a main characteristic of the system, useful for developing economies.
Another feature is the advance and support of global leadership in terms of renewable energy.