Developing for you

Our highly qualified professional team, together with our expertise in software and hardware, has made it possible to develop diverse technology solutions for more than 5 years.
Projects involving hardware, firmware and software make the most of the potential and experience of Deitres SA.
Challenging projects and clients have expanded our capacity to interpret requirements and design products for different markets. Our main focuses are highly innovative and original projects.

Creating a new product

The process starts with our client’s idea; and then, together, we make a feasibility analysis of technology and finance.

Our clients receive a detailed report with the general characteristics of the product we have to develop, budget, schedule and work methodology.

Together with our client, we design the development of the functional and non-functional requirements of the product.

We use agile methodology to ensure continuous quality (ISO 9001), encouraging contact with clients in order to achieve the product’s strategic goals.

With our client, we set what type of tests we are going to use, as well as tests’ organization plans and schedule. When all testing stages are successfully passed and the client is satisfied with the results, the project finishes.

When the project is finished, we give the files comprising hardware production to our client, source code of the software developed and all the documents for the manufacturing work, use and maintenance of the product.

Tools and skills

Internet of things, %95
Digital RF Transceiver, %95
Wireless mesh networks, %85
Image processing, %70
Altium: design of circuit boards (PCB and schemes)
ANPR: Automatic license plate recognition
Visual Studio, Eclipse: software development tool
Codewarrior (freescale), Arduino IDE and Atmel Studio: programming of microcontrollers
Optitrack SDK: objects’ capture and follow up, using cameras and infrared light


C, C++, C#, assembler, PHP, Javascript, Python, Java

Operating systems

Android, IOS, Windows, GNU/Linux, RTOS (FreeRTOS y Contiki)


MySQL, PostgreSQL, Apache2, Unity, Google Charts, Google Maps

Spectrum analyzer
Digital oscilloscope with remote control
Impedance Bridge (LCR)
Function generator
Radio frequency generators
Logic analyzer
Power quality measurement

We use non-disclosure agreements and, if it is necessary, we set the type of technical support Deitres SA will provide. Product development has unlimited warrantee. If there is a design fault during the product life cycle/system developed by Deitres SA, we solve the problem in the product design or system at no charge.

Agile methodologies (Scrum framework)

Encouraging collaborative work in order to achieve the best possible result

Collaborative software

With appropriate communication for the requested project

Project management software

Project management software to plan and meet deadlines

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 certification to ensure the quality of the development processes