DShield Security

Access Control System

DShield is a new concept in electronic security for gated neighborhoods. It creates a real and smart shield made of electronic peripherals and a platform that automates its use. The system integrates management and automation of Deitres equipment installed in the neighborhood.

Special characteristics of the product

  • Access control (gate opening and closing)
  • Event monitoring with no limit of connected users
  • DKEEP panic alarm bottom
  • Four user profiles and multiple access points
  • Speed control
  • Real time control of security guards and security cars
  • Security car geolocation
  • 24/7 after sales service
  • Home automation and fall detecting pool alarms
  • Signal detection of security perimeter


Deitres has developed a type of mesh technology that allows systems to grow progressively with a minimum initial investment. Deitres commercial strategy strengthens this type of development since we seek to have long lasting business relationship with our clients.

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